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Importance of Fertilizing

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Since the drought, the seasonal habit of fertilising the garden and lawns has been broken for a lot of people. As most suburban gardens are quite dense, the competition for nutrients in relatively small garden beds is quite high. As soil nutrients are depleted, plant growth becomes stunted and flower blooms dramatically reduced. Unlocking your garden's potential is easier and cheaper than you think. It’s amazing to see the results after basic fertilising; the garden is transformed and plants that have stagnated for years start to thrive. Plants leaves give become lush and green and plants start to flower with bigger yields and more often.

There are two main types of fertilisers that we recommend for your garden. Dynamic lifter is quite strong in nitrogen and stimulates new grow and gives your garden a lush foliage. This is ideal for hedges, trees and scrubs. This should be applied twice a year and last about 3 months - but be warned, this fertiliser is quite smelly for a couple of days. Chemical base fertilisers like Osmacote will release nutrients slowly into the ground that has no smell and is excellence balance for your garden. It has a modest nitrogen element, but has a high potassium rate, which is the main ingredient for plants to flower.

We recommend choosing a slow release fertiliser that is low in phosphorus, so that it doesn’t harm any natives you may have in the garden. Also, by selecting Osmacote Exact which has trace elements such as iron and magnesium that will prevent yellow in the leaves.

When it comes to fertilising your lawn the key is to select one that is high in nitrogen. It is best to use less fertiliser but apply it more frequently. A great tip is to fertilise just before the onset of rain as most lawn fertiliser needs to be heavily water in after application. When laying new turf having a lawn fertiliser with seaweed will speed up the establishment process. A&R Evergreen can formulate a detailed fertiliser plan that insures a healthy garden.

Landscape Design Awards 2012

Landscape Queensland Construction Awards 2012

Landscape Queensland Construction Awards Finalist

Landscape Queensland is the peak industry body that represents the interests of the states landscape

 and garden maintenance contractors, designers and suppliers.

A&R Evergreen were Landscape Queensland Construction Awards finalists in all three categories entered:-

1. Design and Construction – Residential over $80,000

2. Design and Construction – Residential 1 – up to $40,000

3. Design and Construction – Residential 2 – up to $80,000


Landscape Queensland Construction Awards 2014


A&R Evergreen picked up two awards at the 2014 Landscape Queenslands awards night. 


1. Residential 4- A & R Evergreen - East Brisbane 'Hanworth House' Highly Commended

2. Landscape Industry Apprentice of the Year Award - Ian Ling - nominated by Horticultural Training




A&R Evergreen were Landscape Queensland Construction Awards finalists in all three categories entered in 2014.

1. Construction – Residential 1 – up to $40,000                              

2. Design and Construction – Residential 2 – up to $80,000

3. Design and Construction – Residential 2 – $120,000 plus      





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