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Caring For Your Garden In Brisbane's Summer.

In last months article we had an extensive look at making the most of your lawn care and some of the best ways you can look after your lawn during Brisbane’s most unpredictable season. So this month as summer begins to show its stripes we will take a look at ensuring your gardens are at their best for your Christmas guests and into the New Year.

December is a busy month for most, with work winding up, shindigs a plenty, kids finishing school and little time left over for garden care. Often the weather will determine our gardening priorities during the summer months, depending on how the weather pendulum swings during summer. Of late we have seen fairly typical Queensland weather with hot and sometimes humid days occasionally turning into fierce storms in the afternoon and evening, yet some of the rumbling storms have fizzled out before really wetting the leaves. By the looks of the weather predictions, December is likely to be a dry month with only a few really heavy thunderstorms. It looks like we may have some interspersed showers, which should suit most gardens at this time of the year quite nicely.


If the extended family are gathering at your home for Christmas this year then doing a little preparation early will go a long way when things start to get hectic just prior to the silly season. 

Merry Mulch Everybody! 

Gardens love a good mulching any time, but during the sweltering summer months your garden likes a mulching more than most. Mulch will help keep any moisture light rains deposit stay in the soil and nurture any sun sensitive plants you may have in the garden. This is also a great time to fertalise and mulch a portion of your vegetable garden in readiness for the next year. Resting your soil and providing proper preparation will give you hearty and tasty vege’s season after season.

Whilst light rains are sure to freshen your garden beds, the poor pot plants may suffer from a lack of moisture. Be sure to maintain a regular watering habit with all of your pot plants, either first thing in the morning, or in the fading light of evening. 

Pest Protection. 

No this does not mean warding yourself from the sister in laws barely civil brats, alas a good dose of citronella is unlikely to be effective for that particular breed of pest. However Mosquitos are not fans of that fragrance and should the weather turn wet and warm it is this winged parasite that can turn a pleasant evening into a night of itching and regret, but for some unfortunate folk there’s the chance of contracting a debilitating disease.

Check the garden for Mozzie breeding sites, clearing and draining any stagnant water that may build up in heavy rains. Leaf litter is a good place for other biting insects such as midges to breed, and should be cleared regularly in humid climes. 

Rosy Glow. 

Roses require a little extra-specialised care during summer, now is a great time to prepare for those gorgeous late summer/early autumn blooms.

First thing is the right mulch, choose thick heavy organic mulch, and avoid using lighter more powdery mulches, as they will sometimes harbour the two-spotted mite. Fungus can also be an issue with roses and watering the feet of the plats rather than the leaves will reduce the likelihood of fungal infection. Should the leaves become infected the application of herbal fungicide should sort the problem out.

Pruning rose bushes is a matter of art and nuance to gain the best blooms. Most of us prune spent flower heads or dead heading at this time but this only encourages short stems and small flowers at the ends of the branches.

Now, you don’t want to take away too much sheltering foliage to shade the delicate rose from the sun, but you may choose a few choice stems to prune back for those long roses in late summer.

In fact most of your garden will welcome a tidying prune at this time of the year and you can strip away any yellowing or fading leaves and weak stems allowing the plant to provide nutrients to where they are most needed. 

The next couple of weeks is the perfect time to set aside a day in the garden tidying and preparing your garden for the Christmas festivities and the long and warm and wet summer ahead. 

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